Saturday, December 27, 2008

So so so proud :)

You  know you're in an Conservative Temple if... 

* You come to the bathroom, and under the black engraved- "Nashim"- it says in small letters-
"Please remove ur prayer shawls before entering. "

* You  hear "Adon Olam" .. at the end of davening to the tune of Maoz Tzur (Chanukah spirit n stuff :) 

*  There are special kippas for sale at the front, blue for men, beaded for ladies 

* Someone chants "Shomer Et Hashabat" over the microphone 

* The Rabbi kisses everyone on thier way out 


How do i know??? 
 Well... after spending my entire shabbos morning waiting in the lobby while services were in session......  I think I should know.... 

So proud to be a chassid...... LIGHT ON fellow chassidistes :) :) :) 

BE PROUD :) :)


  1. omg lol thats really crazy...!!!

  2. i like the bathroom one!
    can you take a pic of it and post it :)