Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the brink

It's the point where reality and shadow meet
The point where artfully shallow meets deep
The point where we gain and lose so much
The point where you and I lost touch
The point that unites and separates
The point of opened and closed gates
I am standing in between
like a thin mesh screen
I am the slick interface
I am the pull-together lace
Take me or leave me
love me or hate me
push me up or slap me down
a plunge me forth until I drown
I am the one that makes the connection
between your eyes and my reflection.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dying wishes

My body is bound to the earth, and my teeth hurt from trying to cut through the chains.
I wanna feel myself. I lick the blood off my fingers, but its as tasteless as wood.
I wanna hear my voice.
I wanna see if I still know how to sing.
I wanna know if my head is just a sack of fleshy material, or a powerful generator.
I struggle to pull a gum wrapper out of my pocket, and i sign my name on it with my own blood.
If I can't feel myself now, will you?

Friday, August 20, 2010

people, places, and chocolate covered faces

Places hold beauty, yet its the ones that reside there that give it meaning.
History speaks, but nothing is more articulate than the now silenced bearers of the past.
You wish you can race against time.
You wish you can be someone else, somewhere else.
Be something else. Better, or worse.
Your purpose is silenced. Its muted.

You gotta call it.

Just pray that it's not deaf.