Monday, December 29, 2008

Shallow vs. Deep

Hanging around my (not yet) frum cousins lately, has gotten me wondering.

They go to Hebrew Day School and know the Mitzvos. They go to temple, and keep the basics of the holidays.
So aside from their lack of frumkeit, what makes them so, so different then me?

After much thought i realized.
To them Judaism is a bunch of laws, restrictions, yeses and no-nos.
Point blank. Square. Am I allowed, am I not allowed.

To me, Judaism has depth and meaning. Diversity. Reasons and Clarifications.
Puts a whole new, better, purer, healthier outlook on life.

Just another reason why I love being a Chossid and a lamplighter :)


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  2. yiddishkeit is a way of life!
    not just when were in school or at shul. and for reform and conservative jews its a way of convience!

    they're ignorant (of the joy and reasons of mitzvos) and were bh educated!
    but were all jews and we all believe in one G-d!
    so really besides perspectives on yiddishkeit how diff. can we be???

  3. can't wait to hear all your mivtzoim stories from the city of heat: arizona!!!!!!!!!

  4. aint got non

    srry ,

    i did my vac the REAL WAY .