Monday, September 29, 2008

forgive me if you will!

As I walked home from selichos tonight, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for. Now, this was not the first time I realized this. In fact, every day I am thankful to hashem for providing me with multitudes of blessings. For my life, for my family and for my education.

But tonight's realization was something different. I realized that there is so much more I should be thankful for. Of course, its not huge. Its not small. Its not pretty. You cant even touch it. In fact, its much more then that.

It's a G-d granted power. The power to do teshuvah. We all make mistakes. We all do our wrongs. Like this morning, my alarm clock rang. I knew it was shabbos. Ok- fine. so, am I not suppossed to get my menucha? ?


I pushed the off button. (with my elbow, of course!)
As soon as I did it, feelings of regret overwhelmed me.

But one thing I knew I could do teshuvah.
I know Hashem will forgive me. I know. I know. I know!!

And thats just another reason why I love Hashem ;)

And then I got thinking. G-d granted us the power to beseech forgiveness. But its more than that. He gave us the power to forgive.

I know I' ve wronged my friends, in somew way or another. And it's not hard to think up of times I have.

Like, loshon hara... it came out of my mouth, not meaning to do wrong. It was just a simple little conversation. But someone was hurt and affected. Myself included, For those guilt feelings linger.

Or when you called me to study with you, and in the end I left you waiting, while I went to study with someone else.

Or that time when I was just soooo stressed out and busy and just simply forgot about you when you needed me most.

Or when I forgot to call you to tell you I was running late and made you stand out in the cold for hours.

Mistakes are made by the best of us.

But we ALL have a G-d granted power.
Use it.

Before the Yomim Neerayim, I am beseeching forgiveness from my friends from the bottom of my heart.
I want to start the new year with a clean record and a neshama pure with the gladness of hashem.

Ksiva vachasima tova and all the best.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

about clothes and words

lil long. but worth reading.
k, so this was in the school newspaper, but i think its incredible. worth repeating.But then I got to thinking.About clothing and words and minds and souls...~~~~

Let's say your closet has a few nice things in it.So whenever you have time to think about what you will wear, you can put together something nice.
Very nice.Very, very nice.
Ohmygoodnessyoulookgorgeous kinda nice.:)Great.
But you also have a whole bunch of junk.Those random items you never give away because you still like them even though they don't look the best or are not really fit to be worn.So if you are in a rush, with no time to think, or things are in the wash, somethings just grab whatever comes to your hand and run.And pray you don't bump into anyone important.~~~~
If you think about it, words are kind of like clothing.We have all kinds of words in the closets of our minds.The good, the bad and the ugly.Usually the words that we use are nice, good, wonderful.Indeed.We choose them wisely when given the luxury of time.We use them to inspire.To impress.To impart.Words can be awesome.But then there are those times when things get a little crazy.Times when there's no time to think and you just kind of grab at whatever words may be in the closet.Like the time you stubbed your toe.Or your shin, your elbow, your eye.(can you stub your eye?)Like the day that car swerved in front of you, nearly scratching your new car.Or the time you missed that appointment you've been waiting months for...Suddenly all kinds of words come flying out!The ones you didn't even realize were in the closet.The words you tsk tsk when hearing someone else say...Where were those hiding?Where did I pick that one up from?Uh oh
.~~~~Lesson learned that fine day:It's all about what's in your closets.Removing all the shmutz and filling them with only beautiful garments.So no matter what, no matter where, no matter when...You will always be caught well dressed.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


like waves hit the shore,
stabs of greif hit my heart,
the pain of loss...
of letting go...
and of getting over
cant be described in words

when the memories of loss renew,
sadness fills the viod where the hapiness of the past flourished and lived


we overcome...
we forget...
we move on....

but the pain of loss will forever linger...