Sunday, January 24, 2010

Living Paradox

Blame it on Mozilla Tabs. Its the only reason I keep switching off between Taylor Swift's Youtube channel and an article Titled "What does G-d have to do with it?" from Of course, its not Mozilla at fault, but rather coincidence that is purely to blame. Right?

Theoretically speaking, its all good and true. That's until reality hits. And yep, you're right, I am solely the one to blame. My evil conscious is jumping up and down, holding his tattered blanky, and whining breathlessly in between drinks from his sippy cup. "Nuh uh! nuh uh! Its all HIS fault! Its my childhood! Its my parents' fault! My School is the one to blame! Anyone! Just not me!!!" Sob... Sob... whimper.. whimper...
-"Okay! Fine! We got the point! Now, Shut up down there! will ya?!"

But hey, its 2010 and its about time for that once-in-a-decade reality check.
Yup. The qualifications are all in place...

And the verdict is... (thump thump thump.. judge's gavel hits the podium).... I am guilty.

Okay... this can't be real! Me?!
indeed, my life has caught up to me. And all this time I've been falsely thinking that the race hasn't even begun.

Forget about Mozilla. Forget about coincidence.
If innocence can be reclaimed, then I'll be the first to claim it.
I've allowed myself to believe that by passively living I am taking the easy way out.
Its about time I stop running away from confrontations.
Its either G-d or Taylor Swift. Or Can I make do with both?
I want both. So, so, so badly. The indecision hurts.
Ive been waiting around for the wind to push me in the right direction, but all it's done was knock me down.

I am a living oxymoron, paradox, contradiction. I am unlimited to the limited. I am known by the unknown. Every word I say is counted for. Every thought I think is collected. Every step I take is measured. Someone up there knows it all. And yes, G-d has lots to do with it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Void all come into this world with a big void.

Our job is to fill it.

So, are you filling it with gold?...

...or are you stuffing it with trash?

thats all.