Monday, December 29, 2008

In Perfect Balance

Does having a balanced life mean..........

That there's an answer to every question...?

A solution to every problem...?

A half to every half...?

A resolution  to every conflict...?

A winner to every battle...?

A leap backwards to every progression...?

When I think of balance, I picture serenity, peace, clarity, and harmony.

When I think of the opposite, I picture chaos, disunity, and disharmony.

Should I live the rest of my life trying to come to terms, despite the fact that there isn't an answer to every question?

Is simplicity and clarity only for the simple minds of children, and the complex minds of the old?

Searching for someone with the answers--- but till then... life's just a balancing act. :)


  1. farfel ... come to think of it ... its true what ur saying ....
    dont think too much ... it will get u more funcused.... lol ! jk ! and i promise u ur life is not darn funcusing !!! ur doing and awesome time my fellow lamplighter !!! ;)
    and no ... post all u want cuz this is UR blog !!! and who cares what ppl think ?!!? lol! at this point farfel doesnt look like ne1 still checks out the blog or at least not too many comment... lol! so do u care what I think !? lol! mwa !!! u rock !!! ur the best !!!!!

  2. chaya- ur right :)

    still alue ur opinion----> essp. wen its liked like this one ;)

    btw- ppl chek it its just that they comment ususally on gmaikl---> even though its annoying :)

  3. "a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!"

  4. "live and learn!" as they say!
    so therefore life is alwayz gonna be "a balancing act!"
    there's never time to rest girl...
    life is filled with challanges, questions & (hopefully) positive experiences!

    but one question at a time
    one answer at a time
    you go one step forward
    "in a perfect balance" within yourself!