Monday, December 29, 2008

On a Roll...

I don't know how many of you have gone bowling lately or not... but whatever the case, try to picture this scene. 

It's your turn up. 
You swing the ball, aim, and roll. 
your eyes follow the ball in anticipation.
it begins to veer. Eyes closed, you silently beg : ""
Too late..... much to your disappointment, the ball heads straight to the gutter.


It's your turn up again.
You swing the ball, aim, and roll. 
Your eyes follow the ball in anticipation. 
 It heads straight, straight, straight, hits smack into the pins.
 The once neat set of rows, clash, crash, and fall. 
Hands shoot up-----> oh yeah!!!


You know, parenthood is  kinda like a bowling alley. 

Parents "pick up the ball, aim, and swing" us for a short while. This is the point where they teach their children life's lessons and set up good and stable foundations for their children. 

Then,  they can't hold onto their children forever, so  they have to let go, let them out into the real word. 

Eyes squeezed shut, they pray.
"Please stay in the path. Please remember to make the right choices, and to keep  focused on where you're heading."

At times, the ball rolls in a zigzag, but eventually, it makes it. 
At other times, the ball heads  straight and smoothly hits the pins. 
And then, there are times where the ball veers completely off the path, straight into the gutter. 

The ones that have bumpers never fall. 

..And even for the ones that do......
...there's always a ball retriever to bring them back ;)


  1. cute anecdote!!!
    show it to your parents-they'll be shlepping shmatez! ;)

    btw another lesson is: you fail...
    don't give up! try and aim again!!!

  2. brafy what happens when all the balls pile up in the gutter cuz they bounce like a basket ball like mine !?!?!?!?!?!?!
    whats life supposed to mean then !?!?!?

  3. vhenchie- u wish!!

    i never show my writing to my parents in a thousand years.. they sure will e shleping schmattes if i do though.... :)

    and chaya--- dont think too much, ok ??

    luv ya