Monday, July 20, 2009

Eva heard of a punk angel?

Ok Everyone, you can now welcome the newest banana to the fastest-ever growing culture in society: The Rebels. Oh, And you can also make your final farewells to the goody two shoes in me that you once knew. No. That shall always be and remain history.
For as of now, i follow mt heart. For till now, I've been following the dream others had in mind for me: Success, perfection; a Conservative Dream that the upperclass in society partake of.
And Whats left of it? A thin piece of paper that is just as worthless as valuable it may be. Aka- totalling to nothing. And even this piece of paper, which is the only thing that lies witness to my previous desire to please, lies hidden away... under a pile of old unfinished schoolwork. And each and every day, a new tattered sheet covers it. Leaving its sheer rememberence in the crevices of my mind, only to be forgotten. Oh... the reward of living to please, serves as nothing.
And therefore, I am now uncovering me. Unlocking. Reforming.
Farewell good ole goody goody me.

Hello peace symbols.
Hello tree huggers.
Hello to all the others that have fallen in line with a new graffitti punk generation.
And like all those followers in that line, I want change. Reform. But not because I actually care.
But because it feels good to be part of a cause.
We Shout Change because we wqant sometinhg new. something fresh.
But really its because we have nothing else to say.

And at least we can all feel good being part of something where we can at least pretend our voice is heard. Where you can be whoever you want to be; A car dealer, a con artist, an FBI agent, educated or a moron, and still be accepted. Where morality isn't key, because it's what feels good that really counts. Where you make your own rules. Where everything is right. And rightly yours. Because this new society is where one is unique... just like everyone else. Its Dumb.
But it feels good.
Like swearing.
It feels good to do so. Its just part of the sweet revenge we rebels take out against the high class society. For what?
For being so unhuman.
For being to good.
From controlling their desires.
For being normal.
But then again... are they?
Its all human nature. We may do it for attention.
But that's what we want.
Its all we need.
Give me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Life Lessons

Wow. After such a week all I can say is "Thank G-d it's Friday!"
I'm sooo exhausted... and wayyyy over-tired... and I can never stop this train of random thought that's keeps chugging through my head. Every day I plan to update my blog. I write posts in my head, of course, about what a crazy day I had in camp, about who I hung out with this week, and my thoughts which, of course, keeps the world spinning round. But I never actually got the chance to put em down on paper... (or web page... whatever...).
I met my new campers this week! They're soo cute and crazy and I seriously love them all (though I must say, I DO have faves...shhh! Don't tell the directer ;) !
Being a camp counselor for teaches you tonnz of life lessons. Seriously. Here Goes:

Number One: Never give kids grapes on a bus... they throw the bad ones on the floor and step on em and squish em to a pulp... and never mind that. just wait till there aren't enough seats and ur forced to sit on them.... (eewww... shivers).

Number Two: Basketball cards are great motivators

Number Three: Michael Jackson is alive ("Hey! Morah! Look! I see Michael Jackson outside!" me-"No way! You're lying!" "Noooo!!! Even Eitan and Emma saw him too! And now were watching a make pretend Michael Jackson mooovie... so go away cuz ur baahdering us!!!"

Number four: Rickety old yellow school buses make the most annoying sounds in the world!

Number five: Never go on trips on a fast day... cuz then you'll get stuck in traffic for two hours, have two kids throw up, not have enough seats, and spend only an hour at the actual location. Then, on the way back, you'll get stuck in more traffic, get rear ended, the cops will take forever to come, and you'll have to make dreadful phone calls to parents about arriving back to camp 2 and a half hours after it has officially ended!

Number six: individual water bottles may be pricey when you have tonz of kids to feed, bus never try pouring those gallon ones while on a bus... you'll be lucky if your only half drenched.

Number Seven: Ninjas are something scary and vampires suck blood. I have no clue what a ninja is, but my friend just confirmed that I got the vampire thing right... which is good, especially because my campers told me I'm one.

Number Eight: You can text from a DS.

Number Nine: What some people find annoying, other people find as ____________ (any positive adjective, you fill in the blank).

Number Ten: Don't eat your snack in front of campers... They'll beg you for some and then step on your head when you don't give in.

Number Eleven: Never give a treat to one camper, unless its for a specific reason. Otherwise you'll have herds of kids begging you for one.

Number Twelve: Persians are always late (not to sound prejudice or anything, but we start camp at nine and the second kid only arrives at nine fifteen.)

Number Thirteen: Some people are easygoing (and very easy-going about the fact that their child lost his swimsuit and sunscreen twice).

Number Fourteen: and some people are difficult. (and not that very easy-going with the fact that you didn't personally hang up their child's towel to dry after swimming... HELOO!?!!? We have 16 kids here and there is nowhere to hang up so many towels! and seriously... what's the big deal?!?!?!)

Number Fifteen: That just cuz they're young, doesn't mean they're innocent. I've heard more taboo words this week then I have ever... all coming out of the mouths of 6 year olds!!!!

Number Sixteen: Last, but not least, or at least because I know there are tonz more but I can't think of any at the moment... Kids are Just precious!!!! :) :)

And don't talk to me about next week yet... First let me enjoy my weekend pullleeeze! SLEEPP!!! HERE WE COME!

Monday, July 6, 2009

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There will always be a time in life where lonliness will find a place in your heart.
And leave a large gaping sore.
For there will be no one for you to call... though your phone contacts are record long.
And no one to visit because those you love are halfway accross the globe.
And no one to tell your deepest secrets to, because there is no one in calling distance that you trust.
And the lonliness intensifies when you can just go on for a day without getting even one call or text message.
And when the only emails in your inbox are spam and a daily Tanya reminder from that you've stopped opening monthes ago.

And just the never-ending boredom.
Of days spent with nothing accomplished.
No purpose. No reason to wake up.

You call. Finnally.
Hearing your voice makes me cry.

"What do you want me to buy you?"
you ask.


"You sure?"


"What do u want?"


Only You.


Only You.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Advisor

How can it be that one can inspire others,
yet cannot inspire oneself?

I give advice... yet it would never work for me.

After all, I need to hear something better than what I can come up with on my own.
I know I sound Egotisitic.... but I may just be way too smart for myself.

I advise. You listen.

and you tell me that it works.

Yet I won't even bother to try it on my own.

But no.
You'll never know.

Oh never.

But in truth: even advisors must seek advice.