Friday, June 26, 2009

Post Gimmel Tammuz Guilt

Hey Bloggie.

Thank you for being the only one I can talk to at this hour as I wallow in self-pity.
Today was Gimmel Tammuz.
The day the Lubavitcher Rebbe was taken away from the His Chassidim.
The day my Rebbe was taken from me.

And yet,
I felt nothing.

I woke up @ 1:09. Rolled over... muttering to my sister under my breath that it was gimmel Tammuz and she should go and do something productive otther then waking Big Sister up. Ha.

What a hypocrite.

I finnally headed for the shower a quarter to two, and then proceeded with my day.
checked gmail.
checked facebook.
checked blog.
went on fmylife.
signed out.
went for ice cream.
went to the library.
went on the computer.
chekced out books.
came home.
went on the computer.
went on the computer.
read a book.
and here I am.
at 2 in the morning, and nothing that qualifies as fullfilling on the agenda of my previous day. (lol that line sounds perfectly ironic)

I should be all inspired.
I should have gone to the ohel.
I should've made a hachloto.

but never mind that.

I probably should've davened.
Shouldve said modeh ani.
Shouldve said Brachos.
Should've helped my mother.
Should've said chitas.
Should've bentched.
Should've learned.

But no.
Not even that.
I'm nothing better than a goy.
I eat drink and sleep. Why> to live> and why a goy lives? So that he can wake up tomorrow so he can eat drink and sleep once more.

And yet, on this auspices day I feel nothing.

Well, not nothing.

I feel guilty.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YOU (An Ode to My Friends)

Circumstance brings people together.

And I have struck gold.

For without you, I have no backbone.
For you support me. You pick me up.
When everyone else looks on with disdain,
shouting out my differences, incapability,
you still stand behind me.

You know just what to say,
and even more: How to say it.
Dishing out the comliments
and selectively handing out the criticism;
in little doses, yet just enough.

You take a seat in my little world,
and let me into yours.
You share your'e thought and feelings.
And with a listening ear,
allow me to do the same.

Your'e resolute,
never let anything drag me down.
The constant positive peer pressure
the endless motivation.
Keep me straight, keep me focused.

And never let me fall.
No..... Never.

You accepted me.
Because you chose to.
You embraced the differences
never shunned,
but rather celebrated.

If I were to pull out
collections from the very wise
thought -filled adages
advice-filled philosophies
quotes on love and friendship
yet none would be able to adequately describe...

The feeling, delicate
and dripping with warmth.
The knowledge,
that when it hurts
theres a patch of love to heal it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inspiration (or lack thereof)

I used to be an Inspired Person.
Whatever I saw or looked at had a deeper perspective, a different meaning.
To me, life wasn't about the surface. It was all essense and character.

I still analyze. I'm still deep.
But it's not the same. No, not at all.

I used to look at a fire hydrant and find some inspiration for day-to-day living.

But now, it has kind of evaporated.

I look at a fire hydrant and see a 12 foot no parking zone.

I don't look for inspiration; I don't seek it.
Nor do I find it.

And yet I wonder if I inspire.

Do I?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Random thought on a Friday Afternoon

This blog is in need of a major upgrade... like HELLOO????? What type of weird name is "Tea2share" ?

Uhh... and why I came up with it in the first place? I dont know. Probably because I was drinking tea at 3 in the morning or something as I was making my blog name. And I don't even LIKE tea. Whatever.

So, all you highly-opinionated people out there are welcome to give any suggestions :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


For those of you that haven't yet heard... I now have a new baby brother! My very first one (or I should say, under me) ! :) Mazal Tov! Now that the initial excitement has (somewhat) died down, all I want is for the time glass to expand its mouth and let time flood bye.

Bris, Upshernish, Yeshivah, Bar Mitzvah, Wedding... wow!

I know.

I'm getting way ahead of myself.
I should be focused on the present, but for some reason, I'm not.
I can't explain it.
But all I want is for something like Google Maps to place a pin in every place that life will this little guy.
Just to let me know of the challenges he'll face.
If He'll win them, or learn the hard way.
Just let me know of the places he'll go (no ryhme intended),
the people he will see and know.
The feelings he'll feel,
the thoughts that he'll think.
I just want to know.
And be part.
Of the Joys
Of the sorrows (g-d forbid!)

To stand behind his shoulder an guide him.
So that he won't make the same mistakes that others have.
So that I can advise him in his choices
and make sure that they are wise ones.

I just wish... to be part.
And hope he lets me.

But as of now... the sand is passing through the timeglass ever so slowly.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hmmm... join The Club.

Manis's Take: Every thing in this world - from the subatomic particles to the galaxies reeling in space - seems to know what to do. They all do their thing, acting out their role in creation. Only the intelligent human seems to be confused. We don’t know where we belong or what our role is. Some people don’t even think they are welcome in this world. Only Torah tells us our role, how we can contribute: Make the world better.


Got that? Its sooo simple. All it takes is an openmind and a little Manis :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Issues, Issues and MORE issues :)

I've been hearing so much talk about CH lately, I thought I'd shed light to it all with an ever-so-worthy post on my blog.

So, What's new?

Tznius Issues? Check.

The System? Check.

The OTD Crisis? Check.

The Attitude? Check.

The Chutzpah? Check.

The Education? Check.

The Vaad? Check.

Yup! We've got it all!

-Issues, that is :)

So far, I've been hearing tonz about the problems in CH. OH! ...and it's endless!
Have no fear, wherever you go....- (people want to know -jk) - There's always another problem to be found. But guess what?

I Love Crown Heights.
Call me Whatever You Want. But this is my home.
I love living here! I love the diversity. I love the people. I love the Chesed. I love the never-ending excitement of living in such an a-typical (is that a word?) crowd.

But backk to the Issues, here are a few of my favorite (lol. I know, I know. "but I thought you love it here...? I do. Read on.) :

Issue #1- Elevator Eyes

Now, for all you NON-CHers out there or innocent CHers in here that have yet to have heard of this term, allow me to enlighten you with the following scenario:

[Take 1: GO!]
On Friday evening, Miss Stilleto wearer enters the Ezras Noshim of 770 . Instantaneously, 500 left eyebrows (left? k dont ask me) are raised. And Slowly, simultaneously, 500 sets of eyeballs go up and e-v-e-r s-o s-l-o-w-l-y wayyyyy down. And then agian, in that slooow painful elevator stare. And then Stop! as they abruptly stare at those stilletos.
One girl turns to her friend in a whisper "Huh? Are stilletos in?"
Girl Two: No.
Girl One: Then Why-the-heck is she wearing them?
Girl Two: Why the heck would I know?
Girl One: Well, you should!
Girl Two (an obvious OOT): You're Such a Crown Heightser


So you kinda get the picture.

My Take: Its not THAT bad. Take it from me, I DO give elevator eyes.


Thats right! I AM the culprit!

Wait! Let me defend myself (and all others amongst my species):
The only reason I give elevator eyes is because I honestly enjoy looking at cute people and I wish to acknowledge that what they're wearing is cute and maybe even offer some free compliments! Now, I how can I compliment someone if I don't know what they're wearing?
I can't, right?


1 down, ___ to go! (good grief!)

Issue #2: Snobs

And What many mean by that, is "cliquey". Everyone has their own little group and allows no one in. I can't say I disagree with that. It IS true. But that applies everywhere! People feel best with those they feel comfortable with... Human Nature 101, right? Even you finger-pointing out of towners (now look who's talkin ;) Have your groups you ( again the finger pointing) feel best with.

And guess what?
If you're ever feeling lonely in the Crown of the Heights, come on over! It's snobbiness on your part if you dont!

Issue #3- illiteracy

K, Sorry. But I honestly think that this is limited to Oholei Torah-Niks.

The lingo here is cool, but. (lol. corny, I know. I just HAD to add that in)

Issue#4- Textaholics

Well, though thats as true as it gets, ALL PEOPLE (k, I shouldn't be stereotyping- most* people) of ALL COUNTRIES and ALL COMMUNITIES and ALL RELIGEONS all share in ONE G-d. And ONE other thing: Cell Phone Attachment Disorder, or more (un)commonly known as CAD.
I know, I know. You're just jealous cuz you weren't blessed enough to have texting on your phone. Aww. (Thats for you Buy One Get One ;)

Issue #5- Obsession for food

Sorry, But what can we do???!!! With such AWESOME restaurants and cafes around here (yeah right (well actually, Bunchos good)), Just HOW can we NOT?? I mean, its TOTALLY absurd if you dont go out to eat as least once a week, excluding razzles at Noshworld and Javas at Sweet Expressions.
Plus+ Were allowed to eat. That's why G-d created food and were just helping out by fullfilling our tafkid to the highest potential. :) :) :)

Now that We've ridden you of any Potential Negetive Thoughts on Crown Heightsers, you can all vent. But you wont, cuz You've got nothing against us right?

Take It From Me :)

[Cut 2495]

Oh! and PS> The littering issue that's been brought up is the shvartzes fault ( I mean, DUH!???)