Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching up on G-d

I hope you don't mind me calling you at this hour, but...
I'm Sorry.
...For loosening my grip, when I should have been tightening my connection.
...For Covering up the real me and faking it all the way through.
...For questioning your existence.
I'm Sorry, but I couldn't help it. You're the master of the universe, so I bet you understand. I bet you feel the challenge and the confusion that fill your children's days. You do, right Father?

Allow me to confess:

Lately [>sigh<] I think I've landed on the pause button.

And now: Deciding, choosing, scrutinizing and hemming and hawing over my options: to fast forward or rewind.
I search for your hand that guides me, but its nowhere within sight. Has it landed on the pause button too? Where can I find you?
And I must. Because where You lie, lies myself.

If you're so big, then how do you fit here?
Is it true, as they claim, that You in all Your glory have a space inside my little heart?
That You guide my soul, with a map drawn with love?

Then why don't You tell me?
G-d, you still there?
K. Not done, so hear me out.
Sometimes, because I don't feel you, I pretend Your not there. I ignore Your silent pleas, justifying it because I don't see your presence hovering over me and beckoning Your will.
Sorry, but I need proofs.
But you're right... I could use a little dose of Kabbolos Ol.

G-d, just one more thing.
I know, I've just been beating You up. But at the end of the day, I... love You.
I really do.
Because there is something in me that pulls me to you. Like metal to a magnet.
Because when in pain (and in love), I instinctively turn to You in Prayer. And I can feel my connection soar.

So my one little prayer:
Like you clear up the skies after the storm, clear up the Confusion and reveal your depth with clarity.

Because no one seems to get you. No one seems to understand you. But we want to.

Yeah. I want to.

I'm sorry G-d.
And thanks for not hanging up on me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two faces, One Drop

It was a slightly cool afternoon,a bit cloudy. My legs carried me swiftly, through the streets, my minds only focus: Getting to the bank before it closes. Rain Splattered against my face, fogging my glasses and soaking my clothes. But I walked on with determination, with a face aglow in sheer appreciation for the refreshing, wet tingle.
I arrived at the bank.
A nice sign hung on the door. I wasn't sure, but for a moment I thought the it said "CLOSED".

And Suddenly...
The clouds were a menacing shade of gray. Although it was spring, the weather had me chilled to the bone.Mt feet dragged me across town. Where I was going, I didn't care to know. I just walked. The Rain hit me with force, and the fog blurred my eyesight. I walked heavily, mood not much better than the miserable weather. And there were no attempts to hide it one bit.


Thought to ponder:
Sometimes life carries us. There are springs to our steps and joy to our days. Then something goes wrong, and all of a sudden, it seems like life is dragging us across town by force. The joys become a nuisance, and the once merry tunes turn to drone. How ironic.
One raindrop brings love, joy, peace and calm, while the other brings heartache.

It's all attitude :) and what YOU make of the rain :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yud Alef Nissan

Happy Birthday Rebbe!!!
You know something, I think you're the only guy in the world that has so many thousands celebrating his birthday.
But not for nothing! Not at all.
Gosh, Rebbe.
My love for you is bursting through the seams.
You gave me so much as a person.
You gave me so much as a chossid.
Because of you, Rebbe, I have so much to be thankful for.
For my way of life.
Because every moment of my day, I think, speak and feel like a chossid.
For my Self.
Because you gave me the confidence. Because I know that with you constantly on my side, I can conquer the world.
For my future.
Because of you, I am a chossid. And my children will be Chassidim, my Grandchildren, and Great grandchildren Bezras Hashem.
A world of a difference has come through.
Lifestyles changed.
For the better.
Goodness and kindness illuminating our dark black and sick world.
And Rebbe, I hereby give you the credit.
For sending out your luminaries.
For taking a stand.
For Being responsible for touching so many lives.
For changing so many mindsets.
For just Changing the world.
Happy Birthday Rebbe!

Love, your #1 fan and Chossid,
Chaya Mushka Bas Basya

P.S. What do you want as a birthday present?