Saturday, February 28, 2009

On a Park Bench

The scene is made up of two people. 
And a park bench. 
The rings of laughter fill the air.
As two old buddies reminiscence on times bygone. 

Day in. Day out.
Same Place. 
Same time. 

  I never blinked twice as I passed. 

  But one day I did. 
  Because this time
  The scene was made up of One man.
  And a park bench. 
  and nothing more but tears. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .What You Pray For. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hands trembling
heart beseeching
Peering over your shoulder
I wait for movement
But you stand Frozen
In a stillness of serenity
Your heart is wrapped around the words
carefully emitted from your lips. 
Your hands fumbling
with the tattered sheets. 
Your eyes gaze past 
fading words.
With your heart filled 
with supplication
as your statue like figure
melts down 
into a bucket 
of altruism. 
And you pray. 
For Self.
 For friends.
For family. 
And as your shadow stiffens,
and your prayer comes to a close,
 I wonder...
did you pray for me? 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

______Picking Away at the Cover Up_____

Heaven swept down upon earth,
barely kissing surface
mission laid out.
Set to find
Passing sparkling oceans
spraying mist upon the shores.
Passing sun-baked mountain peaks,
storm-stricken deserts.
Crouching deep within the forests
and searching deep within caves.
And sunk within a search proven futile,
the Heavens dared to call
Where are you?
Whats become of you?
Where are you at?
The voice leaves impressions
of question marks
upon the hidden creation,
That is being begged to define
its place.

And history repeats itself.

I stare into your glistening eyes
past mascara smears
and glossed lips.
Beyond the shading bangs
and cover-up.
And although you're within sight
I wonder where you are.
Are you here, exactly?
Where have you been?
Where are you heading?
Am I penetrating?
Who really cares?
As long as my love for you is.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Light on a Cloudy Day

Clouds of confusion hanging low, 
black, white and grey, 
no color flow. 

Question marks whizzing by my head, 
Take troden paths? 
Unpaved instead?

My soul is being torn apart, 
between 2 worlds,
yet there's one heart. 

I try to fight, strike an attack, 
each time I try, 
I'm just pushed back. 

Yet through a crack, I see the light,
shine through bright.

They beckon me, I heed the call, 
slowly in place, 
the answers fall. 

It's taking time, but still I know,
the more I struggle,
the more I grow. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bare Minded

My minds gone blank. 

Only 20 minutes ago I was ready to relate to the entire world of my existance. 

And now, so much is my worth from what I call a barely audible sound. 

So, from a man of few words... 
I exist. 

C'mon, Get a Life and Get Real

Hey you. 
Yeah, you in the black sweater and curly hair. 
With a name tag that says "CMBC".
Yeah.... I'm Talking to YOU. 

Listen up. 
You think you know everything? You think you got nothing left to learn and nothing to live for? 
You think that you need to stop and charge or else you can't move on? 

Well listen to this: 

Get over yourself. 
Stop limiting yourslef to your preconceived notions. 
Learn to move on, and push youself. 
Stop relying on the world for your motivation.
Inspire yourself. 
Learn to accept. 
Learn to forgive and learn to forget and most of all, learn to move on. 

NoW stop standing there. 
Move that little self of yours. 
Build bridges. 
And get over them. 

Come on... you can do it. 

Stop living in a fog of the past. 
Keep building your future, and smile at the univited dark spots. You'll learn from them more than can ever be taught to you. 

And most of all... believe in yourself. Because you can. 
Because the world is only as amazing as it is because of people that dared to be different. 
and you are. 

I said it. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

World of Irony

Some people are makers, others are breakers.
Some givers, some takers. 
Some keepers, some foresakers. 

Livin in a world where harmony resides, 
earth singing a tune, Im wrapped in the lines. 

The greater the beauty, the better the irony. 
The faker the society, the more unique is reality.

When the world turns right, we dont bother to mention,
and when its spinning wrong, we question. 

So bask in the sunshine, 
because within the ironic tendencies of this world,
 art reigns.