Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pullin the Ropes

Muggy monday mornin in the Brooklyn metropolis
 Irksome alarms  ringing in my ears... wake up call.

No way... can't face a new day...

Roll over. 


Provocation resounds once more...

Roll over.

Hold it. 

Move it. 

We got our ropes around your waist and were pullin for ya girl!!! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009


My Child

Into your hands, the world I place.

No strings attached,

No rules in place.


My Child

In this world there are un-trodden roads to take

Decisions to place

And choices to make.


My Child

Throughout this world many things you will find,

On some you’ll question,

Others you’ll accept as divine.


My Child

Though in the world there is nothing you will lack.

The only thing not given

Are boundaries intact.


My Child

It is up to you to produce them on your own

To use your better judgment,

Because the world is yours alone.


My Child

At times the boundaries you make

Will suddenly become invisible,

And may seem to breach and break.


So My Child

My chosen, my beloved.

I hand you one more thing:

The Torah, your guide.




Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soul Searching

On a tree, 
a bird's perching 
eyes dashing,
endless searching
for the key.
Got to keep looking. 
Keep falling, 
keep climbing,
the more he's searching, 
the closer he is
to unlocking his home.  

In the world, 
a man's wandering 
he's thirsting, 
endless searching, 
for the key. 
Got to keep looking.
Keep falling, 
keep climbing, 
the more he's looking, 
the more he's finding. 
Soul Searching.....
To unlock himself. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Regards from Heaven!!!

Mivtzoyim on High-   Hummus in Heaven 


I came across them as I was packing for my week long trip to Phoenix, Arizona. On my bed, resting atop a pile of clothing, sat my Savta Simcha carry-on in all its due glory, when out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of "The Cards". I quickly averted my gaze and attention back to my packing, but something in my conscience made me look again. I picked up "The Cards". I gave em a nice loooong look. They seemed to be looking straight back at me, pleadingly. 


"Ok, ok," I convinced myself "I'll take them with...” I quickly slid them into my Savta Simcha Carry-on before I could change my mind.

I mean, Good Cards are awesome and everything, but I did not have any desire to be bothered during my vacation, and besides, I didn't want to bother anyone else during theirs either.  So, I figured that in my Savta Simcha bag was where they'd remain. 








One week later, happy, tired, and laden with baggage, I finally leaned back into my designated aircraft seat. My eyes lazily glanced around the airplane. I stared out of the window for a couple of minutes. I got bored of that. So I turned my head towards the isle to watch the stewardess do her thing. "...in case of an emergency landing, inflate the vest... fasten your seatbelt..... Yada yada yada..." Wow. BOOORING. 

That’s when I noticed, sticking out of my bag those “Good Cards”. 


Uh oh. 


I forgot :P. 





Never mind.... no excuse could really suffice. 


I stared at them. They looked back pleadingly. I couldn’t bear to look. I begrudgingly promised that I'd do some sort of mivtzoyim before I’d leave the aircraft. 


MY opportunity was not long in coming. 



5 minutes later, I busied myself with what most other people busy themselves with when they’re bored: food! On my tray table lay a tub of Sabra™ Hummus and a rectangular box of Tam- Tams.  And on my seat was a very gluttonous me noshing away without a care in the world. Suddenly, a shadow could be seen bouncing off the rims of my Sabra™ Hummus tub. I looked up, startled.


There stood a smiling stewardess gazing at my food with envy. Upon realizing my, umm excuse me, existence, she smiled sheepishly and asked me where I found Hummus in the desolate state of Arizona. I told her. And with that we got into a long deep discussion about which hummus brand is best, and which tastes like sand, etc. She was obviously jewish and seemed so proud.


Hmmm…. I think the Hummus did it ;)



Ahhh…. I looked at those good cards again. This time, there was no pleading gaze in thier eyes. Phew.


I smiled. Maybe, just maybe, our little hummus venture inspired her and reawakened the beauty of being jewish.


After all… it’s worth it for the food!