Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reflecting on Life

I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I give a twirl or two.
I step back, admiring my looks.
I step forward, close to the mirror.
So, so close, my breath is reflected as a hazy cloud of fog.

I look carefully, examining my features.
At first, all i see is the surface.
Then looking hard, something deeper comes in view; my innermost thoughts and feelings come to life. 

The mirror reflects externality, yet it arouses my inner emotions. 
What's inside is being reflected on the outside. 
Others perceive us by our looks, and we get sterotyped by how were perceived. 
... and our perception by others is whats usually most important to us, and is what most of us form our lives by. 

So, am I living because of me or am I living because of you?  


  1. wow barfy! cool site to see!
    you twirling infront of a mirror!!!!!! jk

  2. ehem,,,,

    chenchie- im appalled at ur um...

    frivolus behavior ..