Saturday, November 1, 2008

sooo.... lets farbreng!!

20 bags of chips. 72 girls. 25 niggunim. 100's of inspired thoughts. One farbrengen.

The whole atmosphere. Its all different. Its like I feel a special kedusha inhabiting my heart. My neshama is soaring, taking in the those tingly thoughts in inspiration. disscusion. Slow niggunim that pull at your heartstrings. Fast ones that make your neshama leap with joy.

Come to think of it.... what type of thing is a farbrengen??????

I mean... come on...?

Since when do u stuff a bunch of teens in a room and come back to find them clapping to the tune of a niggun? Sharing their most inner and thought provoking thoughts, inspirations, and aspirations??

"Farbrengen" is the ultimate Lubab trademark!! Speak to anyone. The tisch, the kumzits, etc... None of those beat what we've got!!!

And I'm proud...:)


  1. i have a question !?!? :
    by the poll why does it have to be the worst disscussed topics....!? why not the BEST and YOUR MOST FAVORITE disscussed topic !?
    why let it be neggetive when it can really be positive!? cuz disscssions are not a neggetive thing ..........!??!?!?!?

  2. chaya ur right....

    are dmc poitive too??


    and btwthanks for reminding me!!


    thats ne of the hachlatos i was thinking of taking upon myself t the shabbaton!!

  3. i meant lets not say disscussed.. how bout preACHED ?

  4. why are they preached !?
    i think their disscvussed....