Friday, November 28, 2008

Doing my Part as a Part of a Whole.

A spark has died out.

multiply that by two .

Rresh tears spill

as i try to nurse my wounds.

Chassidim ain mishpacha,

as jews- kish echad,

the blood of my brother

is my own flesh and blood.

If one limb is infected,

so are we,

cuz we are all connected,

one body.

So when I walk down Kingston,

just after news reach my ears,

inwardly, I'm wondering,

why I'm not witnessing tears.

Children continue laughing,

licking ice cream cones.

Women chatting idly,

to their friends on their phones.

Passing by the nail salon,

I see it filled to the brim,

Who has time to get their nails done,

When there's a battle we didn't win????

Call me selfish.

Call me egotistical.

Fine, I'm overdoing it.

Expectations: Way too high.

The world keeps turning, i yell "STOP!"



But yet,

Who am I?? 

 A mere speck of grime, for even the dust of the righteous are like rubies and gems. 


Life will move on,

the world will keep on spinning,

But we won't stop fighting this battle,

until we're sure were winning.

As another body part ,

to the person that we form,

I WILL to do my part,

aside from cry and mourn.

I have realized the meaning

of selflessness

of giving.

And I will strive to be

a living legacy,

despite my personal pain,

despite the tragedy.

We live,we love, we lose,

and then we live again.


time to move on world----> keep on spinning.

I'm gonna go my part.

and with that,

I know were winning.



  1. wow barfy!!!
    im gonna quote you on that - were relying on you to bring the messiah!
    cant wait!!!

  2. wow barfy- really cool!! moshiach now!!!!!