Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Reality Strikes

I always thought I knew it all. Had all the answers. Had what it takes.

I walked with my head held high. Then, on one fine day, I bumped into reality.
He knocked over my pride. and I was left alone to pick up the remnants ofwhat was left.



  1. sounds like you went through some dramatic experience!!
    hope all is well :)

  2. k-
    so where on earth did this whole "inspiring" post come about. its actually not where.
    its why.


    there are lots of stories, like a big bully with this helpless little skinny kid. always looking for ways tpo teas the defenseless boy, so one day, while skinny kid is on his way home from school carrying a pile of heavy books, Big Bully, comes over, and knocks down his books mockingly.

    Skinny boy is left on the sidewalk to pick up his books and the shrines of his self esteem .alone.

    got it?

  3. k barfy
    i know this is hard on u
    and i dont want be the one to tell u (ask u this) but who is the skinny kid ;) jk
    love ya barf barf! :)
    gotta change the name
    we going for a drive????????????????????????????????
    barfy is a babe!:):):):)

  4. barfy didnt get that kesh AT ALL !
    care to explain ...?!

  5. chayalicious- you bet!!

    OMG the only thing that matters- SHE DRIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and chayabron- fugget abt it or ask me in skewl.

    too confusing for myself to handle ;)-----------> probably b/c when i wrote it i was in atzilus and right now im not ..

  6. fine-
    to put it simply,

    reality showed me that i wasnt "all that and a bag of chips" . it showed me that there is always more to learn, and know matter how much i do, there's always more to accomplish.

    it showed me how small i really am.

    took away my arrogance, leaving me to pick up its shrines humbly...

    get it now? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  7. shrine:

    1. a) a case, especially one in which sacred relics are deposited
    b) a place in which devotion is paid to a saint: sanctuary
    c) a niche containing a religious image

    2. a receptacle (as a tomb) for the dead

    3. a place or object hallowed by its associations

    (and no, i dont read ur blog lol)

  8. ps- love the post, minus the explanations.

  9. bogo-
    to comment nunber one---- SHHHHH!!!
    ur not supposed to publicly anounce my deficiencies... lol. EHEM> CHERS have awesome vocab1!!!!

    and to number 2- i agree totally!!!

  10. barfy when was this can i ask????
    but its written amazingaly if thats a word
    brf barf love ya....