Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ready for The Call

Today I learned the meaning of emunah from a very special person  named Esther. 
It wasn't under the most pleasant circumstances, you know. You see, Esther is confined to her hospital room. 

The five of us made our way through the hospital wards.
Visiting people, singing to them and giving them our time and friendship.
And all the while, I thought I was giving.
That is... until I entered Esther's room.

We came in all in smiles. After hugs, kisses, and greetings, one of us asked her: " Do u know what today is?? Today is the day Moshiach is coming! When he comes were gonna dance and sing outside on the streets!! "
I saw Esther's eyes light up. " "What time??"
"In any minute!"
She threw off her sheets and started getting up. "In that case I have to get ready!" We didn't want to cause her any trouble so we reassured her that we'd come get her when he comes.
With that she had a barrage of questions. 
"Will you?? Am I pretty enough?? Am I dressed?? I better go put on my coat! Should I change??"

And there I stood, thinking.
We need to believe in something in order to live. But for someone confined to a hospital room all the time, 7 days a week, finding a basis for belief is so much harder than when you've got it all.
She gave me a lesson I'll truly cherish. Despite what i feel i DO'NT have, the one thing i am really lacking is moshiach. and even more so... despite what I DO have, what's still missing is moshiach.
To get up at any moment. To be ready and prepared. To ask ourselves all the time "Am I dressed well enough? Am i prepared?? Am i ready??"


I know, life is a fleeting being, but a belief remains despite all odds.

so... I ask myself....
Am I ready????


  1. i dont get the lesson ... i mean the lesson i took is that she has nothing i mean almost nothing and shes still beleiving ... her emunah is unreal !!! and we who have so much and such spoiled barts seriously dont even have such emunah !?!?!?!?!?!?!? thats whatys pretty amazing !!!! in general all these jewish patients in the hospital serously make me thank hashem for what i have cuz were seriosuly have TONZ !!!!!!! when u look at the other perspective !!!! like why am i still complainig !??!! i have a life a family BH BH BH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOSHIACH NOW !!!!

  2. hey chaya!

    look againa t the second to last paragraph and ull see that its in ther somewhere along with all the other little lessons i stuffed in there!

    happy reading!!!!

  3. hey hey i like how not even a day later there is a story written up and coments?!?!?! lol
    i rlly like it!!! :) (even though i just glanced threw it) seriosly its amazing!!!:)love you barfy!
    but another poitn we all say that "we beleive in mashiach" and "that he is coming right now" but do we really beleive?!?!? if we really did we would live our life for him and we would ask for him right now!
    also another point after i heard the simon story i was amazed,excited, and evereything else... but how come now why do we beleive it only NOW when a regualer person said this story THE REBBE HAS BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS!!!! we need to act like this lady say when when is he coming get oursleves prepared RIGHT NOW!!! not wait for when he does come and then only then prepare!!! and beg for him now not say he'll come when he comes!!! k gotta run

    barfy love u... cant wait to take normal pix!!!

    MOSHIACH NOW!!! for real (ya im only saying that otherwise....HED B HERE!!!:) )

  4. Chayalicious!!
    u mamash inspire me!


    luv seein u comment!!

    love your added lessons, so keep em coming.;)

  5. chayalicios-cute name!!!!!!!

    yup totally agree....AD MOSAI????!!!!!!!!
    and being that there is no way to post a comment on the new post im gonna comment here!!!!

    lol life is definitely random!!!!!!
    cute seeing all of you last night;)

    wat could i say barfy... ive been going for a year.. and none oftu s thought of this great lesson.. for those of u.. that go to kingsbrook.. look at it as a reminder of how much u haqve and how luck u are to be frum and a lubavitcher and u are able to walk on ur two feet.. and all the other amazig things hashem gave u and not someone else.. !!!