Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pessimist

"Stop and Smell the Roses"

--always thought it was a ryme to a poem,

a lyric to a song,

a saying to be quoted.

...but then I realized that I haven't even noticed there were roses outside.

cuz there arent any.


  1. barfy that is so depressing! come on! count ur blessings!

  2. CM

    ur right.

    but i wasnt referring to roses as blessings.
    i meant that there are no roses cuz its winter. saying that "there arent any roses" as an excuse for the fact that i dont take the time to spend with my siblings
    eat dinner with the family, etc. sometimes forgetting the REAL inportant things in life.

  3. barfy... i dont get what ur answering cma ... ur use the excuse that there arnt ne roses outside for what.....??

    ... wanna explain it to ur post just one last time !?! ;)

  4. oish forget it.

    either discard or view as literary art.

    Chaya- i already told you that im one of a kind;)

    ONLY> ____!

  5. u definitley r one of a kind thats for sure!! :P