Friday, October 10, 2008

pain of change...

The clock is ticking,
Its echo calling,
I hope I’m dreaming,
Fear replaced with longing.

I just wish I could,
Go back in time,
Where things were good
And life was fine…

Happy with my life,
Cuz joy was all I knew,
Now stabbed with a knife,
Reality broken into.

I miss all those good times,
And all of the bad too,
The fun ones, the down ones,
Times I shared with you.

I cant believe that times,
Passing so fast,
Can it be that in reality,
Nothings here to last?

Well, even though I know,
And people tell me the same,
To live it up, and that’s how I’ll grow,
I feel quite to blame.

How could I have been so blinded,
How could I have not seen,
That with good, challenge lies behind it,
Changing everything.

I cant say I don’t miss those times,
Happy and carefree,
But at least I can tell myself,
I’m still the same old me!

1 comment:

  1. CHANGE IS GOOD - change is growth and growth sometimes comes with growning pains!!!
    I like this one a lot!