Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 stocking stories.



this was the sound my stockings made as they were ripped in half.

i guess G-d decided that the perfect time for me to get a run was in the midst of a farby in 770 , while i was half sitting, half falling on the ledge of a bench with 50 israelis hovering over my head. REALLY PERFECT TIMING!
oh well...
i ran out of 770, missing The only havdala of the year where its made in the sukkah With a fire.
The only one.
and i missed it. all because of a run in my stockings, created by a nail sticking out of a bench.

Story #2

so here i am walking up Kingston, 20 minutes late to hakafos. Spaced out and in my own world, i am suddenly brought to reality when i trip over a brick sticking out on the sidewalk.

my knees are aching. but what is worse is that i fell flat on my face in fron of a group of 20 Israeli bochurim who, really being kind at heart, ran to my aid, which is so univited at the moment. i pick myself up and start painfully walking towards Empire.
When i reach the light, i bend down to see the damage.


There is a HUGE run in my stockings!! i cant possibly go to 770 like that!
and even worse, i dont have another pair to change into!
i turn around and head home with nothing else to do. my first initial reaction is anger. i am reallyupset!

hashem, i want to do the right thing, and look what you did to me>??
all i wanted to do was do something to make the rebbe proud!???

cuddled in my pajamas i realized that hashem was testing me. i wanted to do whats right, but hashem placed obstacles in my path. like they say: "If there's a will, there's a way" .
i couldve. i shouldve. i wouldve. but i didnt. I didnt take it as an opportunity to realize that it was only a g-d given test, and i should go for whats right despite the circumstances.
i failed.

Lesson brought home for the future: Dont let insignificant things drag you down from doing what's right!

--------------------------------> and i know with this lesson in mind, that next time, I'll pass! ;)


  1. barfy its sucha a me q but is the story true ???!!!

    -----> cuz if it is ONLY BARFY!!! ;)

  2. such a you what ? ?

    and of course its true!

    i dont make up stories~~~


  3. so barfy your stocking up on pantyhose now????

  4. omg barfale...u crack me up! u went home cuz u got a run!?

  5. uhh..
    thats my piont..