Wednesday, October 22, 2008

" A great life isn't about great BIG things; its about small things that make a BIG difference "

---- IKEA


  1. ha .... ha ... ha ...
    ur a cute one !!!
    and to all those out there readin barfys blog ---
    she walked around ch into 770 w/ this peiace of paper tooken outa a magazine w. the saying ... thats how much she loved it !!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. yup!!
    U bet!!

    its just amazing!!

    isnt that saying from somehwere in chassidus?? /

    like everything in this world is really big, no matter how small in size, because it has a part of hashem,,
    ? ?
    u can let me know if im making this up... as i often cunfuze myself with things... ;)

    ye- i was gonna hang it up on the bulletin, but i wasnt sre if that was permitted on yomtov- and i dont need any of the meah shearimites inn 770 stoning me or anything. so i just hung it up in a ledge and let it hang down.
    i think it fell at some piont into the mens section, where someone probably stepped on iut during dancing..
    but i had another catalogue in my house where i ripped it out and will iyh hang it up in 770 tommorow by maariv!!!


    see ya in beis rabbainu!!

  3. OH WOW !
    OH WOW !
    OH WOW !
    bz girl !
    u rockin the place !

  4. i luv when i see things from the torah in the most interesting places! as chenchie puts it- ZEh leumas Zeh!

    like if u look carefully at one of the windows of the FOREVER 21 on 34th st. ull see that it says in huge blue letters---> IF NOT NOW, WHEN??

    or like when michael Savage (although hes jewish) says: "if im not for myself, then who will be for me?? "

  5. I like!!!
    as they say "big things come in small packages" :)

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