Sunday, September 6, 2009


One more Question (I have been doing quite alot of exploring lately...) :

Why is it that when I see one of my close friends doing something concidered "stupid" does my heart contract in pain, but If I do the same thing I won't think twice?

Its something like when I was in 5th grade, if I "figured out" a "bad" word I would only tell some friends and not others because "they can't know these things".


They're the same age as me. They have basically the same backround as me.
So then why does it pain me so?!

Maybe I'm just a hypocrite.

And I never know... Maybe, just maybe, when "they" see me doing the wrong thing, It pains them too.


  1. A nature of a person is such that he does not do anything, even good if he did not make up his mind or agitate himself how beneficial it would be even if it is bad thing, like if I jump into highway full of cars, I KNOW how to get out in one piece, but watching someone else do it, since we did not make up in our minds that he KNOWS how to do that, he just seems like stupid guy. So you are normal, not a hypocrite, just realizing that someone is doing something stupid.

  2. Jewpublic- interesting perspective... I like that.

  3. so true :)
    human nature is always to justify and excuse ourselves... but not anyone else

  4. to yourself you can be self rightous -i had my resons its only this once.... but to others we dont know whats going on so its eisier to judge (you not meant u as in cmbc- lol notice cmbc :) )