Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Anniversary!!!

Yup Folks!
Its been a year!!!! isnt it a coincidence that today marks 800 visitors? (well.. I know thats only from june 7th, but Hey! that's still pretty kewl!!! :)
Oh. P.S.---->it also happens to be a pretty cool date 9.9.09... :)


  1. ps written on if u noticed the date....
    Thursday September 10th 2009 :)

  2. wow mazal tov
    real cool
    what's with the b-day bash? ;):)

  3. cmbc!!!! ur blog is amazing!!!!!!!!! i like "yeshiva bochurs" blog too. lol. its kinda dorky. but yours is great!!! and i feel that way all the time!!!
    Im sure the girls last night in mini skirts also felt that way when they said your hair wasnt chasidish .