Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Apology

You know what I'm talking about. Don't you? Those things that flood your email box just weeks before the Judgement Day? Those annoying, empty "heartfelt" letters begging for forgiveness. Its like... k another apology note... I betcha that she just clicked the "all contacts" button.. with no clue as to who it was reaching or why.

Its just pointless.

This year I won't be sending out one of those "will you please forgive me for anything I may have done..." emails. Yuukkk.

Its not because I don't want to forgive anyone. I do. Really.
Its just that....if I'm apologizing to should be personal. I should really mean it. Not just another forward sent at the click of a button without much thought or meaning attached.

I want it to come from within. I want to truly feel it, because that the only way you will too.

So the only one Ill be sending a apology note to is g-d. Cuz I know he knows i mean it. deep down, somewhere, I do. Because each year he makes a deal with me. Ill forgive you, If you'll forgive me.
and for everyone else... I hope that I can attain a level where I truly forgive you all... and its only then that I'll expect you to do so in return.


  1. Good luck with that.

    Gmar chasima tova, easy fast, and all the best.

  2. I forgive ya!
    you were once my "mashpia"
    Hint: On the way to New Haven production
    in 8th grade now

  3. cmbc!!!
    post and its true...
    my fwrd wasnt just an all contacts thing i menat it and every word of it...
    i know im a bit late but u always say u want my commenst...
    p.s. u proud!? i posted a commnet and didnt just chat it to u ;)

  4. albert. wat a groosss name!
    amd of course i remember u! dont reminnd meeee...

  5. and ya chaya---- im proudd :)

  6. but cm u gotta 1st go to the ppl, then to g-d....
    if emails dont do it 4 u make a phone call or ask face to face...
    just my opinion

  7. I agree with you. Empty apologies are meaningless.

  8. lost-
    actually on hoshana rabba i actually took the time to think abt who i really need to get forgiveness from and when it really boiled down to thinking abt it... there were so many ppl that I just cant pick up the phone and calll just cuz im way embarrassed. like that uncle u never visit.. and really shud apologize to. especially cuz he deserves it after sending u chanuka gelt every yr... or that neighbor that u keep up all night with ur parties... things i should really apologize for.. but cant bring myself to.. i could send an email...AND really mean it. but the question is whether or not THEY would know i mean it.