Friday, June 19, 2009

Random thought on a Friday Afternoon

This blog is in need of a major upgrade... like HELLOO????? What type of weird name is "Tea2share" ?

Uhh... and why I came up with it in the first place? I dont know. Probably because I was drinking tea at 3 in the morning or something as I was making my blog name. And I don't even LIKE tea. Whatever.

So, all you highly-opinionated people out there are welcome to give any suggestions :)


  1. me too
    i say stick to it

    as a btw type of side poitn it was maketherightchioces...
    but due to spellign mistakes and all....
    wtvr :):):)

  2. make the right chioces... ugghhh dont remind me... that was from the days i used to be all inspired

  3. omg remember when we used to sing that in the hallway.....make the right chioces....

    good times.