Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inspiration (or lack thereof)

I used to be an Inspired Person.
Whatever I saw or looked at had a deeper perspective, a different meaning.
To me, life wasn't about the surface. It was all essense and character.

I still analyze. I'm still deep.
But it's not the same. No, not at all.

I used to look at a fire hydrant and find some inspiration for day-to-day living.

But now, it has kind of evaporated.

I look at a fire hydrant and see a 12 foot no parking zone.

I don't look for inspiration; I don't seek it.
Nor do I find it.

And yet I wonder if I inspire.

Do I?


  1. barfy of courswe ur inspiring its a shame you dont feel it... :)

    btw this comment was for u bron...

    barfels keep bloggin tonz of pple read it we just are lazy toucheses and dont comment... :)
    love ya

  2. aw2ww.

    yeah... I LIKE U CHAYA :P

  3. lol u picked up on the "only use love soemtimes otherwise its overused"?

  4. yaa... i actually feel more loved wen someone says i like u rather than I love u...

    but u can translate that as love :) <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. lo awww thanx :):):)
    i stilll like i loe you better but this can join the few thiubngs we disagree in :):):)

    and for the mea while if u like like better
    like you to :)

    ps u deff should have been invited to the meeting ur blog beets all!!!!!!