Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YOU (An Ode to My Friends)

Circumstance brings people together.

And I have struck gold.

For without you, I have no backbone.
For you support me. You pick me up.
When everyone else looks on with disdain,
shouting out my differences, incapability,
you still stand behind me.

You know just what to say,
and even more: How to say it.
Dishing out the comliments
and selectively handing out the criticism;
in little doses, yet just enough.

You take a seat in my little world,
and let me into yours.
You share your'e thought and feelings.
And with a listening ear,
allow me to do the same.

Your'e resolute,
never let anything drag me down.
The constant positive peer pressure
the endless motivation.
Keep me straight, keep me focused.

And never let me fall.
No..... Never.

You accepted me.
Because you chose to.
You embraced the differences
never shunned,
but rather celebrated.

If I were to pull out
collections from the very wise
thought -filled adages
advice-filled philosophies
quotes on love and friendship
yet none would be able to adequately describe...

The feeling, delicate
and dripping with warmth.
The knowledge,
that when it hurts
theres a patch of love to heal it.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....hon this is rlly beautiful!!!! :D

  2. barfellleeeeeeeeeeee- awesomely touching

  3. heheheheh love the comments ;)
    so touching !!!
    and really well written..!!!

    p.s. that person must follow that book :) :) :)

  4. that person is U and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS>>> and if they did... theyre doin a pretty good job ;)

  5. k i got the post but not the comments what book :):):)

    but barfelle awwwww
    ur seuch a sweeeeeeeeeettty

    u aid they know how to say the words well u did a pretty good job ur self... :):):)

    k fioooone

    ps. wanna chat my name is moshie my email

    really im not a prank


  6. Sean Covey's 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens :) lol
    u shud know. guys. I wanna see more comments on blog. k??
    ur a rockin support system. :)

    moishie blitz.... lol.
    and i DID NOT fall for him... lol
    11th grade... Lubav Yeshivah...
    the only reason i fell for it like SLIGHTLY was bcuz i know guys are desparate and bored. so... u know... like the BF/GF sitch where they go to starbucks together for coffee over chitas.


    and i dont even say chitas.

    so that cant be me... ---> and that was for zagui "ur so the type to have a chassidish boyfriend" ---> i may be the type... but doesnt mean i wud. at least not as of now. ;)

  7. lol well barfele i got a few questions...
    1 what does seen covey got to do
    leave him alone :):):)

    and moshie blitz saw me today gave him a great big hug and told him i missed the hot dark chick so much cuz she left for the summer
    he was bushed

    he said he was all excited that he finally found out who it was
    oh well

    he will ahve to find a new chassidiah girlfriend to go to stratbicks over chitas with

    ps you dotn say chita?

  8. chaya- reread all the comments.. chaya bron was reffering to sean coverys book.
    i was replying
    u sed u didnt get it.
    i reiterrated.

    and moshie blitz.... HES THE ONE WE SHUD BE LEAVING ALONE !

    hes married
    hes not looking for a girlfriend..
    i thought u were gonna say that i have to find a new chassidish BF... guess wat hon.... ;)
    and No, I dont say chitas.

  9. this is just to prove myself :) im commenting :)

  10. 1. yall are totally nuts.
    2. barfv that was a real good post. well written ;)
    3. i love how e/o issaying awww tghanx as if they are all vbarf's best friend :)

    but... awww thanx ;)


  11. aawwww so sweet but hey rochie and chana mushka i agree with you :)

  12. CMA- ehem! Im best friends with everyone. I know u;d love to take the compliments all for urself... but ya gotta learn to share a little ;)

  13. wow im glad u like the book that much...its in my house u can borrow it anytime ;)

    p.s. israel is awesome!! writing now from tzfat!(havent been on the comp in aages..)

  14. heloooo!! TZIVII~~~~~~

    twas thinking of calling u yesterday... but then i remembered that i cant :(

    TZIVI+++ come back to me my love!! srsly missin ya its deAD boring here!
    Thou shall blog thy journeys :)

  15. I liked what you wrote here.
    I was hesitant to comment, though, seeing the company I was about to keep, here in the comments.
    Oh well. If I added some smileys, would I fit in?