Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unmasking Truth

Aristotle's claim to fame was that truth is logical. Truth must be simple, non-conforming, and understandable to the mind's eye. Truth is truth if its attainable to the complex and the simpleton as well. But perhaps, even Aristotle can be wrong. Even Torah says so.

According to Judaism, Truth is complex, enmeshed in depth, and must be sought out with clarity. Yet, even the wisest cannot attain an understanding of truth. Because if they were to unfold the deep secrets that lurk behind infinity, Truth would be cheap. It would be unmasked and lowly, and may very well not be truth at all. After all, it would be limited, instead of us being limited to our understanding, truth would be limited to us, making truth no greater than falsehood.

I am led to believe that no one can define truth. We live in a world where nothing is certain. It can be one thing now, and conform to something else entirely within no time. Everything is masked behind the label, hidden behind the consumer ratings. You can never know if what you're purchasing is the real or the fake. You can never see beyond yourself and your logic to be able to state that truth is logical or illogical. I may come close to even saying that we cannot even define truth.
And that's why we create our own truth. We navigate our way between many worlds of different realms, striving to find something that's ours; something we can hold onto. We only know ourselves to the point that even we can say that our own being is unpredictable to ourselves. If so, can we really fathom truth? Can we really define it?
I'm still searching. Don't say you have the answers. You may have them, but they are the answers that suit you. They don't necessarily fit hand in hand with the world at large. I will find my answers.

In the meantime, when you rave your reviews of whatever brand of truth you're currently using, just know, you can never be certain.

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