Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dare to Predict

I feel the hairs clinging to the back of my neck, the sensation of liquid vapor enveloping me.
Its hot. Too hot to be midnight in June.
But like everything, nothing is predictable.
My hand reaches for the frizzed locks of curls cascading down my back, but I jerk at the sight a of a cat crawling down the neighbors fence into the nearby dumpsters. I stare at it until it becomes double, and then I quickly avert my gaze, and shift my mind back into the chorus of my many thoughts. Thoughts that never evade me, like an annoying tag-along sibling. I wish I could shake off the specks of my past. Escape the figurative shallow waters I've tread. But still, the deep end can make life hard to sail through. It presents challenges requiring use of mind and intellect, something hard to come by. So I switch my gears. I focus on who I want to be.
Dreams dreamt. Millions of them stare down at me, like faces in the clouds. They're all smiling down at me, the kinda sly smile that sends the chills chasing each other down my spine. I'm scared, so I smile back. One even winks at me.

"Remember what you always wanted to be...?" he whispers.
I nod. Though I honestly don't know. But something about his dreamy voice captivates me, and I'm entranced by his very breath.
He senses that he's got me, "perhaps I shall remind you..." he chants, and his laugh echoes across the entire universe. Images begin appearing in the blackness. I see a young girl. Shes has a fixed gaze, and a content smile playing across her lips. She looks a but familiar. wait, could that be me? wow. I think she is.
Flashbacks: Big decisions- Good versus bad seems simple enough.
Smart Choices- great intentions. So great, even my mother approved.
Brilliant results- expected, but they never came.
Dreams come true- I gave up on that ages ago.

...And with a cackle, the picture bursts and shatters, scattering broken pieces all over.
and the rain pours.
pours too heavily for a midnight in June.
Yet, like unlike everything, shattered dreams are so predictable.

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