Sunday, April 25, 2010

obstacle illusions

The whole world spins around me.
faster, faster, faster.
my mind claustrophobic,
clouded with confusion.
My vision is shaded by the fog of my breath on the window to normality.
My only way out,
isnt one at all.
because ropes are binding me
chaining me down,
making freedom seem faraway.
Freedom is a fairy tale,
tasted only by those who can afford it.
But this is real life.
were chained to our habits
chained to temptation.
Trapped by desire.
Trapped by ourselves.
To the world, we are flawless seedlings.
but through the eyes of our own,
were scarred
we are the slaves,
the slaves who created the fairy tales
that the worthy live in.
while we sit inside a broken vessel,
susceptible to falling right through the cracks.
we take our challenges as obstacles.
instead of overcoming them,
we unsuccessfully try to push them away.
and now
were holding on.
Not to a rope.
Not to our past.
Not to our fantasies.

But to each other.


  1. love it!!!
    love all ur poems/writings!
    G-d blessed u girl.. USE IT!
    mwah, u knw who...

  2. hey
    glad this actually made it to the blog.... i mean computer ;)