Friday, April 2, 2010

Real Livin

The words are pushing their way up my throat. They're sitting on my tongue, waiting. Its been a long time now, indeed. And these words have long since yearned to be said. Something in my conscience always blocked their flow. they try to escape. but they are just coming out in short, choppy sentences. Though there seems to be no meaning... they carry a whole load of dreams. They carry months of tears. and overflowing rivers of thought. I doubt you'll care if they're said, but to me... they represent some form of redemption. like a little part of me being released from chains that bound it for so long. Those thoughts that always killed me, are finally coming to my benefit.
For now, I am living. For real. Its no longer superficial. Whatever I do is because I know I choose to. Not for the attention. Not for the show. This is no longer my lifestyle because you expect it of me; it's mine because I chose it. It's mine because I made it mine. Because it matters to me. I want this to be my life's mission statement. I want to live by it. For one reason.
Cuz it's mine.

And you can make it yours.
too bad someone else had to think it up for you.
Welcome. :)

and enjoy your eternal ride aboard.


  1. i cant even congratulate you on a choice you didnt make for me or any other bystander...

    but I can smile at your joy!

  2. This made me smiiiiiiiiile :) luv ya