Sunday, February 22, 2009

______Picking Away at the Cover Up_____

Heaven swept down upon earth,
barely kissing surface
mission laid out.
Set to find
Passing sparkling oceans
spraying mist upon the shores.
Passing sun-baked mountain peaks,
storm-stricken deserts.
Crouching deep within the forests
and searching deep within caves.
And sunk within a search proven futile,
the Heavens dared to call
Where are you?
Whats become of you?
Where are you at?
The voice leaves impressions
of question marks
upon the hidden creation,
That is being begged to define
its place.

And history repeats itself.

I stare into your glistening eyes
past mascara smears
and glossed lips.
Beyond the shading bangs
and cover-up.
And although you're within sight
I wonder where you are.
Are you here, exactly?
Where have you been?
Where are you heading?
Am I penetrating?
Who really cares?
As long as my love for you is.


  1. hehe my only comment on ur blog EVER. but i luv this poem, so it deserves a comment. ;)

  2. yay finally i can comment lol
    luving ur poems they're gr8