Sunday, February 8, 2009

C'mon, Get a Life and Get Real

Hey you. 
Yeah, you in the black sweater and curly hair. 
With a name tag that says "CMBC".
Yeah.... I'm Talking to YOU. 

Listen up. 
You think you know everything? You think you got nothing left to learn and nothing to live for? 
You think that you need to stop and charge or else you can't move on? 

Well listen to this: 

Get over yourself. 
Stop limiting yourslef to your preconceived notions. 
Learn to move on, and push youself. 
Stop relying on the world for your motivation.
Inspire yourself. 
Learn to accept. 
Learn to forgive and learn to forget and most of all, learn to move on. 

NoW stop standing there. 
Move that little self of yours. 
Build bridges. 
And get over them. 

Come on... you can do it. 

Stop living in a fog of the past. 
Keep building your future, and smile at the univited dark spots. You'll learn from them more than can ever be taught to you. 

And most of all... believe in yourself. Because you can. 
Because the world is only as amazing as it is because of people that dared to be different. 
and you are. 

I said it. 


  1. cmbc,you put it the way it is'v got a intresting perspective....i think ill adopt it....thanx

  2. thinkgood willbegood
    thanks :)

    who are u by any chance ?


  3. by every a message to you to think good and it;ll be identity is private.....