Friday, August 20, 2010

people, places, and chocolate covered faces

Places hold beauty, yet its the ones that reside there that give it meaning.
History speaks, but nothing is more articulate than the now silenced bearers of the past.
You wish you can race against time.
You wish you can be someone else, somewhere else.
Be something else. Better, or worse.
Your purpose is silenced. Its muted.

You gotta call it.

Just pray that it's not deaf.


  1. Silented is not a word. I think the word you are looking for is silenced, or perhaps quieted.

    Miss your posts girly. Keep em coming.

  2. I forgot what it's called when an artist makes up their own rules. But if that is now a word- rock on.

  3. You're good. thanks. It sucks when you forget something so simple and try so hard to remember it and you can't. Thanks.

  4. thats why i cant say i dont learn nething at skewl ;)