Friday, March 27, 2009

Through the Lenses

Stepping out of the glasses store with my newly purchased glasses perched upon my nose, saw me with mixed emotions.
Squinting my eyes in the sunshine, I felt a feeling of newness.
Of rebirth.
An overwhelming feeling of disbewlief at what I had been missing out in all this time.
I could finnally see.
With utmost clarity.
I felt like a new person.
At last,
I could view Hashem's world down to the minutest detail.
It's an awesome, unbelievable feeling.

But Then,

More things come to view...

The imperfections.
The mistakes.
The Stains.
The black spots.
The Defects.
Visible, and more than ever.

But do I really want to see the imperfections?
Do I truly wish to constantly view and judge?

I think not.

Having glasses at last sure is great-
but they're not glued on to the face for a reason.
So that we can remove them, just as the imperfections wish to come in sight. :)


  1. real interesting way of looking at it :)!!! i like it!

  2. lol thanks Stery :)
    is it also depressing??? ;)
    lol .

  3. lol take it easy
    no i dont think everthing is depressing
    as long as ur always wearing them everything's gr8:)