Tuesday, March 31, 2009

K, just happens to be that when i wrote this I didnt really know anything. I debated over whether to delete it or not and just decided to keep it. After all, why not?

Kotel Plaza
Standing in full glory.
Newly washed and polished stones.
Crevices emptied,
notes and letters
spilling forth.
Swept away,
on the ground.

A janitor
Broom and shovel in hand
sweeps away letters,
With the many tears
With the many hearts
many broken
bitter hearts
that still yearn
for connection.
For salvation.
For Redemption.

And yet,
how can one so blatantly throw it all away?
How can one cleanse another Jew's pain?
How can one brush away the heartfelt cries of love that so many have written to G-d?


Why the Breach in the intense connection?

Janitor, Janitor,
Sweep it away
But dont forget,
you're sweeping tears.


  1. is that how it rly works? they dont bury them or smething?
    good one tho!!!

  2. ye i was reading about it on one of the sights- pretty ironic
    but ye good poem

  3. they clean it out with a rabbi supervising.. and then they bury them.....and i don tthink its janotors doing it.. i think it was frum jewish ppl... but gr8 article !
    well writen !! :)