Monday, January 5, 2009

Regards from Heaven!!!

Mivtzoyim on High-   Hummus in Heaven 


I came across them as I was packing for my week long trip to Phoenix, Arizona. On my bed, resting atop a pile of clothing, sat my Savta Simcha carry-on in all its due glory, when out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of "The Cards". I quickly averted my gaze and attention back to my packing, but something in my conscience made me look again. I picked up "The Cards". I gave em a nice loooong look. They seemed to be looking straight back at me, pleadingly. 


"Ok, ok," I convinced myself "I'll take them with...” I quickly slid them into my Savta Simcha Carry-on before I could change my mind.

I mean, Good Cards are awesome and everything, but I did not have any desire to be bothered during my vacation, and besides, I didn't want to bother anyone else during theirs either.  So, I figured that in my Savta Simcha bag was where they'd remain. 








One week later, happy, tired, and laden with baggage, I finally leaned back into my designated aircraft seat. My eyes lazily glanced around the airplane. I stared out of the window for a couple of minutes. I got bored of that. So I turned my head towards the isle to watch the stewardess do her thing. " case of an emergency landing, inflate the vest... fasten your seatbelt..... Yada yada yada..." Wow. BOOORING. 

That’s when I noticed, sticking out of my bag those “Good Cards”. 


Uh oh. 


I forgot :P. 





Never mind.... no excuse could really suffice. 


I stared at them. They looked back pleadingly. I couldn’t bear to look. I begrudgingly promised that I'd do some sort of mivtzoyim before I’d leave the aircraft. 


MY opportunity was not long in coming. 



5 minutes later, I busied myself with what most other people busy themselves with when they’re bored: food! On my tray table lay a tub of Sabra™ Hummus and a rectangular box of Tam- Tams.  And on my seat was a very gluttonous me noshing away without a care in the world. Suddenly, a shadow could be seen bouncing off the rims of my Sabra™ Hummus tub. I looked up, startled.


There stood a smiling stewardess gazing at my food with envy. Upon realizing my, umm excuse me, existence, she smiled sheepishly and asked me where I found Hummus in the desolate state of Arizona. I told her. And with that we got into a long deep discussion about which hummus brand is best, and which tastes like sand, etc. She was obviously jewish and seemed so proud.


Hmmm…. I think the Hummus did it ;)



Ahhh…. I looked at those good cards again. This time, there was no pleading gaze in thier eyes. Phew.


I smiled. Maybe, just maybe, our little hummus venture inspired her and reawakened the beauty of being jewish.


After all… it’s worth it for the food!