Saturday, January 24, 2009


My Child

Into your hands, the world I place.

No strings attached,

No rules in place.


My Child

In this world there are un-trodden roads to take

Decisions to place

And choices to make.


My Child

Throughout this world many things you will find,

On some you’ll question,

Others you’ll accept as divine.


My Child

Though in the world there is nothing you will lack.

The only thing not given

Are boundaries intact.


My Child

It is up to you to produce them on your own

To use your better judgment,

Because the world is yours alone.


My Child

At times the boundaries you make

Will suddenly become invisible,

And may seem to breach and break.


So My Child

My chosen, my beloved.

I hand you one more thing:

The Torah, your guide.




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  1. just a big thank you to my EDITOR ;)

    luv u ESTI ... u rock :)