Friday, November 13, 2009

Dancing Passion

That passion dancing in your crystal clear eyes, reflects what once danced in mine. The flicker there reminds me of who I once was. Of where I stood. Of what I lived for. Revoking memories, as if in a dream.

You sign your emails with the words "Moshiach Now!". I did that too.. once upon a time...

You get inspired, pile on hachlatos, and take it all to heart. I did that too... once upon a time...

You're so pure. You innocence blinds, yet reveals whats really there. No distractions. No limitations. I was like that too... once upon a time...

I still see that passion, dancing to a hazy tune of the past, causing the boiling of my blood.

For it's what we see in others that reminds us of ourselves, that we detest the most.

Cuz it opens us up to our imperfections. It exposes our glitches and shortcomings.
It reveals what we long to forget.

And when I see that fiery passion dancing, I know its still somewhere in me, cuz the sting that's there is that of a fresh wound.


  1. I love this. its real, its raw.

    one day you'll go back. when ur ready. but it has to come from you.

  2. rember what rabbi ezaugi sia d by the farby... ;)

  3. yeah...but neone can say that. its a matter of taking it to heart.
    which i dont do... if u read the post correctly..

    and altie- thanks for support ;)

  4. ik.. but now that u know its found in torah ext... and even if u dnt undestand.. wtvr i think the point he made and the rebbe brought ouut was aweesome ;)