Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two faces, One Drop

It was a slightly cool afternoon,a bit cloudy. My legs carried me swiftly, through the streets, my minds only focus: Getting to the bank before it closes. Rain Splattered against my face, fogging my glasses and soaking my clothes. But I walked on with determination, with a face aglow in sheer appreciation for the refreshing, wet tingle.
I arrived at the bank.
A nice sign hung on the door. I wasn't sure, but for a moment I thought the it said "CLOSED".

And Suddenly...
The clouds were a menacing shade of gray. Although it was spring, the weather had me chilled to the bone.Mt feet dragged me across town. Where I was going, I didn't care to know. I just walked. The Rain hit me with force, and the fog blurred my eyesight. I walked heavily, mood not much better than the miserable weather. And there were no attempts to hide it one bit.


Thought to ponder:
Sometimes life carries us. There are springs to our steps and joy to our days. Then something goes wrong, and all of a sudden, it seems like life is dragging us across town by force. The joys become a nuisance, and the once merry tunes turn to drone. How ironic.
One raindrop brings love, joy, peace and calm, while the other brings heartache.

It's all attitude :) and what YOU make of the rain :)


  1. dancin in the rain...;)

    NOT cliche!!!!!

  2. as lea says "life is not about getting thru the storm, but learning to dance in the rain" or s/t like that

  3. hey stery !
    thats what i was thinkining!! ;)
    just make sure to get an umbrella, rainboots, and a raincoat with really bright colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it just makes it so much fun!!!!!!! ;)

  4. oh and btw
    i didnt get one point...
    u siad u thought it said the bank was closed.....
    i took it as it was....
    was it ?? lol

  5. woops i kinda missed the point its really "life is not about waiting for the storm to past..." lol
    so chaya it's gr8 that u were thinking that :)

  6. to confirm:
    The Bank was CLOSED :)

  7. btw thats like my faaavorite thing...ever.
    (dancing in the rain)